Resonate with your clients by speaking their language.

More than simply reading up on business subjects, lawyers need to truly incorporate the language of business into their everyday vocabulary and become at ease with the business mindset. By immersing themselves in an environment where problems are approached and solved through financial and strategic lensesassociates will walk away with a toolset that enables them to see the world as their clients do.

-Maister et al. - The Trusted Advisor

-Maister et al. - The Trusted Advisor

-Anonymous Client

The concept of becoming a trusted advisor resonates strongly with Senior Associates on the partner track – to be the person whom a client calls for matters that have nothing to do with the associate’s legal expertise.  In order to establish credibility in these areas, lawyers need to be able to empathize with their clients’ non-legal concerns, and communicate with their clients in the way they prefer.  This level of understanding builds rapport, which leads to trust.

The challenge is how to provide the firm’s most valuable associates with this level of experience whilst minimizing time away from their work.  Ideally, such a training would maximize relevance to legal practice, and prepare associates for leadership positions within the firm. 

The solution is a deep dive – a series of interactive presentations, team challenges and reflective debriefs that reinforce and build upon concepts in order to maximize comprehension and retention.  Sessions are facilitated by seasoned business leaders with significant experience coaching associates at this level.  The result is a highly experiential training that takes a holistic approach to subject areas with overlapping objectives, allowing concepts to be mastered quickly.  In addition to illustrating what is important to clients, team exercises reflect legal application wherever possible.

"Over the past 7 days, Simon has magically brought a level of excitement, passion and nurturing to the [Law Program] that has allowed for tremendous knowledge transfer in a most accelerated timeframe."